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• Where do I fill in the time and date of the spy birthday party?
You fill in the time/date, age, and name of the birthday child/children + the mobile number to be used during the mission, directly at checkout when you place your order.

 • I don't want to have the mission at home. What sort of venue works well for it? Can I have the mission both outdoors and indoors?
The best is to combine in- and outdoors, as there are 10 cards with questions/clues that should be hidden. A garden or a small park in the neighbourhood is ideal. 

• Do parents/organisers get instructions for The Mission?
Yes. Included in the Spy:Co package you will find an envelope containing the "Top secret" easy-to-follow instructions for the parents/organisers. There you will also find the answers to each of the 10 question cards that agents/children must find the answers to during the mission. 

• If my child gets sick or something happens, can I change the date for the spy party without any costs?
Yes, you can! Just let us know a.s.a.p. and we look into what dates could be a good alternative for you. 

• Can I cancel an ordered Spy:Co birthday party? 
Yes, of course you can cancel an ordered Spy:Co party if it does not fit with a new date. 
This applies within 14 days from the order date. However, you are obliged to return the materials we sent to you and pay for return shipping.

• Can The Missions be carried out both indoors and outdoors?
Yes. You decide what suits your party the best! A Spy Mission indoors can be just as exciting as outdoors!

In general, how long time does a mission normally take?
A Spy mission can vary in time depending on the size of the area the children move across (and how quickly the children can solve The Mission ...). On average, a mission takes 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours.

• For younger kids, do you need a grown-up to accompany the group?
Yes, for children between 6 and 8 years old we recommend that an older child or a grown-up can assist during the mission if possible.

• When do you recommend that children should eat cake, etc. - before, after or during The Mission?
We usually recommend eating cake/food after The Mission to celebrate that the agents managed to solve it! Of course, you can choose to take a small break during the Mission. If you take a 30-minute break, you do not need to notify us. Should you prefer a longer break, just send us an e-mail so we are informed! Contact us at:

• My daughter is 10 years old, what category is the best for her secret agent party?
It depends on the other participants. If most children are between 10 - 11 years old, choose mission 3 or 4. Are most children younger than 10, select mission 1 or 2.

• Can you carry out a Spy:Co Mission when it is dark outside?
Absolutely! The Missions can be carried out seven days a week between 10:00 and 22:00 all year round. 

• Can you take a break during The Mission?
Of course, you can take a break during The Mission! If you keep it to a maximum of 30 minutes, you do not need to contact us. Should you need a longer pause, please contact us and we make a note of it! Mail us

Do the children walk in groups, pairs or one-by-one during The Mission?
The children walk together in one, two, three or four groups, depending on what you ordered. All children have their own Agent Manual Book. 

• Our son is not yet seven years old, can he still have a Spy birthday party?
Yes, if an adult can help with reading the questions and answers it will not be a problem. And it helps, of course, if some of the other children can read a bit. The children can find most of the answers in their Agent Manual Book.

• How far in advance should I order a Spy:Co's children's birthday party?
Orders must be received no later than 7 days (4 days by express freight) before the selected date so we can confirm the time/date. The weekends easily becomes fully booked, so if you have a preferred date/time it is better to place your order as soon as possible. It also makes it easier for parents/organiser to have ample time to read the instructions thoroughly before the party.

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