Spy birthday party Info Mission 3. Sneak Peek Video - The helicopter robbery!  

Spy Mission 3. Suitable for kids between 9  and 11 years old!
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Mission 3 Spy:Co Spy Party - Secret signs
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The Helicopter Robbery!

Kid's party info secret Mission 3.

Spy Parties for 9 to 11 year olds 


In the morning, just when the bank was about to open, a masked person storm into the bank. The robber demands money and when the bank manager, Mr Swindell, later tries to reach for the alarm button, the robber reacts instantly and grabs the cashier, Mrs Lighthart's son, who was visiting before going to school!

The boy is dragged out of the bank office by the robber. Over the robber's shoulder hangs a large sports bag filled with money. Immediately a helicopter lands outside on the market square. The pilot keeps the engine going and before anyone can react, the helicopter takes off with the robber, the money and Mrs Lightharts son!



After an hour, a film is sent to the Spy:Co HQ. Mrs Lighthart's son appears and he confirms he is taken as hostage and will not be released until a large ransom is paid! He says that he is held in a room with a door with a coded lock! Your mission, Spy:Co agents is, with the help of the film and the evidence found at the bank, figure out the following:


• Where he is being held?

• What is the code to the door?

• Can you identify the robber?

The Mission:

During the spy mission the Spy:Co agents will learn about:


►  Invisible ink
►  Secret codes/Morse code
►  Analysing fingerprints
►  Finding hidden messages in photos
►  Hieroglyhpics
►  Interpreting sound recordings

The new agents will also get some

help from...



• Direct contact with OCTAGON!

• The personal Agent Manual Book!
• Thrilling movie links! 
• 10 secret clues!
• Intriguing audio links...

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Spy:Co missions 3 is based on curiosity, dedication and cooperation! Our kid's birthday parties can be arranged nationwide! Book the birthday party directly online!