Spy Birthday Party for kids info Mission 4. Sneak Peek Video - The kidnapping at the school!  

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Spy Party for 9 to 11-year-olds

The kidnapping at the school!

Kid's party info secret Mission 4.


When William comes back to school after the holidays, no students are allowed to the enter the school premises. The police are moving in and around the school. William talks to one of the officers and is told that all the school's newly purchased computers have been stolen and that all classes' collected money for the school trips is missing.

But worst of all, Mathilda, William's best friend, is also missing! William directly contacts Spy:Co!





After an hour, a film is sent to the school's headmaster. In the film, Mathilda appears and explains that she is locked up in a small room behind a heavy door with a code lock, impossible to open without the correct code. If the ransom is not paid within 10 hours according to the instructions, nobody knows what will happen!

The Mission:

Your mission, Spy:Co agents, is to answer these questions:

• Where is Mathilda?

• What is the code is to door?

• Who did it?

During the spy mission the Spy:Co agents will learn about:


►  Invisible ink
►  Secret codes/Morse code
►  Analysing fingerprints
►  Interpreting secret sound recordings
►  Hieroglyphics
►  Check surveillance images

The new agents will also get some

help from...



• Direct contact with OCTAGON!

• The personal Agent Manual Book!
• Thrilling movie links! 
• 10 secret clues!
• Intriguing audio links...

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